Folding impellers are the ideal choice when you’re working with a closed-head drums, caged totes or containers with small openings. 

How folded impellers work

Due to their unique design, gravity assures that blades remain folded when the impeller is not in use. That makes folded impellers easy to install and remove – even in a container that offers restricted access. Folded blades only open fully when your mixer is powered on and the mixer begin to rotate. 

Choose your folding impeller wisely

Be sure to choose folded blades wisely – based on integrity of blade construction and your container type. Rugged, stainless-steel construction will assure blades that deliver consistent stirring power, efficient dispersion and years of dependable performance. And double check minimum clearance standards against your container you’ll be using. 

Fawcett Four-Blade Folding Impellers

Fawcett Mixing Equipment Specialists offers a range of easy-to-use 4” and 7” folding impellers for use in applications that require small containers or closed-head drums.

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