The Challenge: Mixed Viscosity Blending

Working with a material that includes a mix of liquids and solids means no standard mixing blade will do. Most impellers are diagonal or helical in design, delivering a simple fluid distribution pattern. And for obvious reasons, they’re simply not up to the job.

The Solution: A Mixing Blade that Takes on Varied Viscosity

Enter, the Fawcett MixedFlow™ Impeller!

This “king” of mixing blades brings an innovative, patented mix of positions to the table – a unique mix of radical and axial characteristics. The MixedFlow pulls material from above and below, sending the mixture out the middle of the blade.

This blade geometry is ideal when working material properties with varying viscosity and stress distributions – delivering dependable stirring action, reliable distribution and thorough mixing, even with the challenge of working with mixed-viscosity materials.

The optimal flow design of the MixedFlow blade pitch creates a self-centering action that also works to assure thorough mixing while minimizing the incorporation of air. That’s a complex flow distribution you simply can’t achieve with a basic propeller pattern. Some applications call for two MixedFlow impellers to be mounted in tandem for a very aggressive action. 

When consistent performance with mixed viscosities is key, MixedFlow is the perfect tool for the job.

Not sure which MixedFlow Impeller to choose? 

Fawcett offers two designs – low-pitch and high-pitch. Practically speaking, you’ll want to use low-pitch when working with low- to medium-viscosity liquids and high-pitch when working with medium to high viscosity liquids.

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