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MixedFlow Impeller

This is the king of flow producing impellers. Unlike the impellers below, this patented design pulls material from above & below, sending the mixture out the middle of the blade. Some applications call for two MixedFlow impellers to be mounted in tandem for a very aggressive action.

Axial-Flow Turbines

Axial-flow turbines have wide, flat blade surfaces, at 45-degree angles, to contact and push more viscous materials. Axial-flow turbines are typically used for flow-controlled processes with higher viscosities. The blade edges of this turbine provide relatively higher shear and require greater horsepower to drive them.

Marine-Style Propellers

Marine-style propellers perform similarly to the hydrofoil propellers – with slightly higher power consumption and resulting shear. Marine-style propellers and hydrofoils are common selections for low-viscosity mixing. Steep-pitch propellers are available where increased flow from a given impeller size is desired.

Dispersion Blades

Dispersion Blades convert input energy primarily to shear – causing them to produce a different pattern result than flow-driven agitation processes. When used at recommended tip speeds – driven by sufficient horsepower – these sharp, saw blade-like impellers quickly impart pigments into paints, break down solids into liquids, or create homogeneous emulsions from liquids of dissimilar densities.

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5 Item(s)